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 AC  Damproofing  can supply & install all aspects of Damproofing.

 We offer a complete package from, Site Surveys and Estimating,

 To complete Installation and Cellar conversions.


A C Damproofing

Welcome to AC

We are glad to see you on our Website!

We hope that you will find this site informative and illustrative on the services we offer.

We carry out all types of work for the interior and exterior of houses and commercial properties.

We are experts in the Plastering, Damproofing and Timber Treatment Industry.

Our specialist services include:

   Solid Plastering

Rising Damp

 Dry Lining

Basement and Cellar Conversions

 Condensation Cures


Timber Treatment


 Insurance Work

We are one of the few Sovereign Approved Contractors in the South East, working with the best materials available in the Damproofing and Timber Treatment areas and we are qualified to install the Hey'di K11 Tanking System, which is arguably the Finest Base Waterproofing System in the World (to BS6576 specifications)

All our work is carried out by fully trained and skilled workers to the Highest Standards

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