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Sovereign Approved Contractors working to BS6576



A C Plastering can supply & install all aspects of Damp Proofing.

AC Plastering can supply & install all aspects of Damp Proofing.

We are a Sovereign Chemicals Approved and Insured Installer

We offer a complete package from, Site Surveys and Estimating to complete Installation.


Lateral penetrating damp in below ground situations can be resolved for both old properties and new buildings using Sovereign Heyé ”anking Systems.

Both Heyé ?1 and Heyé “pecial Systems have been proved highly effective against extreme water pressures throughout the world.

Tanking systems are applied to ether the positive pressure side or the negative side of a substrate. Positive tanking pressure is achieved when the hydrostatic water pressure is pushing the tanking onto the substrate. Negative tanking pressure is where the tanking system is applied to the other side of a wall and the hydrostatic water pressure will try to push the tanking off the substrate. Successful tanking on the negative side is difficult and requires a more comprehensive specification.

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When tanking existing basements internally then products such as asphalt, self adhesive membranes or liquid applied membranes all require a supporting vertical brick or block work lining wall, which is normally backfilled with sand/cement mix and a minimum 50mm sand/cement floor screed. Such systems incur space penalties unlike the Sovereign System, which can be applied direct to the substrate with a final thickness of less than 5mm without the necessity of a supporting backfilled wall. The treatment can be applied to both walls and floors.

Tanking is the creation of a watertight envelope. If there is hydrostatic water pressure present or possible high water table in the future, then the floor must also be tanked to complete the watertight integrity.

Where continuity has not been achieved, e.g., for commercial reasons at the client͊ instruction, then this should be unambiguously identified for future reference. We would recommend identifying such areas as 壴ional

Information on the SOVEREIGN Protection Scheme AC Damproofing offer on our work.

SOVEREIGN is the market leader in the field of chemical damp proof coursing treatments.

This reputation has been gained for the quality of its products and also for the support and care offered under the Sovereign Protection Scheme Guarantee. Since 1976 over half a million satisfied property owners are testimony to the effectiveness of the Scheme.

Sovereign Protection Scheme Guarantees are used by Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Building Societies and Banks, as well as many thousands of householders.

Flexibility is available with the choice of 10, 20 or 30 year Protection Scheme Guarantees for timber and damp proof courses and the introduction of a 10 year Guarantee for fa硤e treatment.

Sovereign Protection Scheme Guarantees are offered by AC Damproofing who have been vetted by Sovereign. Only when Sovereign are satisfied that we are capable of carrying out work to a consistently high standard do they allow us as contractors to apply to become Sovereign Approved Contractors. Regular site visits ensure that standards of workmanship and customer care are maintained.

Sovereign even believe that even the most conscientious and meticulous contractor may not be available to service his guarantee due to circumstances beyond his control. In this event Sovereign intervene.
Once the Sovereign Protection Scheme Guarantee has been issued the property is covered against a recurrence of the original problem for the full term of the Guarantee.


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