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A C Damproofing

 Timber Treatments

We offer prompt surveys and detailed reports for damp, woodworm and rot, tanking and wall tie problems within working distance of our North Herts base.

As Sovereign Approved Contractors our surveys are accepted by Building Societies, Estate Agents and Surveyors and we will refund the cost of the report when you have the works done by us. On completion we provide a Sovereign 30 year protected guarantee for damp proofing or timber treatment that can be kept with the deeds and passed on to successive buyers.

Woodworm or Dry rot can seriously affect the value of your property and yet often, it isn't until you come to sell, that a surveyor will inform you that you have a problem. We can inspect your house and if necessary treat the affected timbers using the latest Sovereign preservatives which are the safest products available.

This is now a requirement of the Sellers Pack.

Timber is prone to attack by insects / fungi if left untreated.

The Sovereign range of Timber Preservatives has been specifically designed to include products for pre-treatment of joinery and remedial treatment of in-situ timber affected by fungal or insect attack.

The products we use meet the relevant specifications of the Department of the Environment, Local Authorities, BWPA and NHBC.


This fungus causes decay primarily under conditions of restricted ventilation and high humidity, the optimum moisture content for decay being 25-40% moisture content.

Dry Rot

Dry Rot can remain active in timber down to 20% moisture and once established can attack dry timber. It can penetrate through brickwork and masonry and behind plaster, decaying any timber en-route

Wet Rot

There are many species of wet rot but all require relatively high moisture levels in timber (above 30%) for development. Unlike dry rot any wet rot will be restricted to areas of high moisture.

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